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HeatSync Labs Workshops

The HeatSync Labs Workshops' core goals include:

  • Providing a strong independent educational infrastructure for HeatSync Labs members and community
  • Outreach to public offering safe opportunities to enjoy the HeatSync Labs premises and equipment
  • Serve as a venue to share experiences, lessons and information
  • Building an on-going learning network for makers

HeatSync Labs Responsibilities

  • HSL will identify, schedule and help coordinate the workshop
  • HSL will publicize the workshop on our website, email newsletter and social media outlets
  • HSL will provide the venue, table, chairs and utilities
  • HSL will reconcile the participant registration to payments and provide final payment to instructor

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Instructor agrees to honor the spirit of collegiality and professionalism while conducting Workshops within HeatSync Labs
  • Instructor agrees to abide by current policies and procedures as may be revised at the quarterly Board meetings
  • Instructor understands that the HeatSync membership is overall small and that the economics support targeting OUTSIDE the HeatSync community by marketing to friends/family, coffee shops, workplaces, schools, etc
  • Instructor agrees to keep a log of the Workshop participants names and email addresses for follow-up and attendance-keeping, a record of materials provided to the participants, any materials sold and other matters, if requested by HeatSync Labs.
  • Instructor should execute a completed agreement with signature prior to conducting workshops within HeatSync Labs
  • Instructor should be prepared to start the workshop at the start time and conclude at the end time.

Student Responsibilities

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the workshop is set to start so there is enough time to check in.
  • If you can't make it to the workshop you must contact the instructor before the start of the class to release your seat; otherwise, you will not be afforded a refund.
  • While all workshops are subject to change, we make every attempt to notify all registered participants. Please ensure that we have the correct contact information on file to contact you in the event of a schedule change or class cancellation
  • When you come to a HeatSync Labs sponsored workshop, please wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes. If you are taking a welding class please wear natural fiber long pants and a natural fiber long-sleeved shirt. For any machining or wood working workshop please wear a short-sleeved shirt, tie back any long hair and beards and leave loose jewelry at home.

Guidelines on Ticket Prices

Our current policy (which may be revised as the program develops) is the following: Ticket prices are set by the instructor

  • Classroom fee is to be paid to the instructor after completion of the workshop
  • Material fees are fixed costs that are passed on to the student
  • HeatSync Labs members in good standing will receive a 25% discount off the class fee
  • HeatSync Labs will receive a contribution of one third the class fee; up to a maximum of $10 per registrant. This fee will offset merchant fees (~3% of the ticket price), pay for utility costs, equipment maintenance and usage, and keep HeatSync strong

Formula for Non-Members:

Ticket Price($) = Material Fee ($) + Classroom/Instructor Fee

For Members:

Ticket Price($) = Material Fee ($) + Classroom/Instructor Fee - (Classroom/Instructor Fee x 0.25)


  • HSL will provide final payment up to 2 business days after completion of the workshop
  • Instructors amounts will be calculated as follows:
Payment (per student) = Ticket Price - HSL Contribution ($)
HSL Contribution ( up to $10 ) = Instructor Fee x 0.33

Guidelines On "Certification" Workshops

Certification workshops are those which are used to train membership on usage of some of our more dangerous/expensive tools. The tools which require certification to use are chosen by the tools' station heads.

  • Whenever a "certification" workshop is presented it shall be presented as such.
  • The Instructor agrees to present the workshop according to the guidelines provided by HeatSync Labs.

Instructor Eligibility:

  • One must be a member in good standing with HeatSync Labs
  • One must be already certified on the tools before you are authorized to teach

Cancellations, No-shows, Walk-ins and Refunds

  • Should the workshop fail to sign the minimum participants by 14 days prior to the workshop, the workshop will be canceled and refunds issued to the participants who paid
  • HSL will not be held responsible for any fees to Instructor if workshop is canceled for any reason. We will make every possible effort to notify Instructor in advance of any unforeseen problems that may arise which would cause the workshop to be canceled other than the below minimum enrollment as previously stated.


In order to properly schedule and publicize workshop activities Instructors are required to submit the following to the Workshop Coordinator 30 days prior to proposed event date:

  • Workshop Title
  • Date to be held
  • Start and end time
  • Maximum Class Size
  • Minimum Class Size
  • Workshop Description
  • Student age limits
  • Instructor bio, digital image of logo or artwork to be publicized

Financial & Liability Agreement

  • Instructor shall indemnify and hold HeatSync Labs harmless against any actions, claims, suits, losses, damages, judgments, costs, expenses, and liabilities (including, without limitation, attorney fees arising directly or indirectly out of the Instructors activities under this agreement). Such indemnity and agreement to hold harmless shall include, but not be limited to, loss or damage resulting from the violation by the Instructor, it's officers, agents, or employees of an applicable laws or regulations of any governmental authority in the use of premise and equipment.
  • Nothing herein shall constitute the parties to this agreement as partners or joint ventures, and the Instructor acknowledges that s/he is an independent contractor and has no authority of any kind to bind HeatSync Labs in any way. Instructor agrees not to act or represent to others that s/he is an employee or agent of HeatSync Labs and HeatSync Labs has no obligation or duty of any kind to pay any expenses or costs of any sort incurred by the Instructor.

Proposed Operations Team Position: Workshop Coordinator

The three main areas of responsibility for the workshop coordinator position include coordinating logistical and financial matters for the workshop, fulfilling reporting requirements. They will be responsible for making sure that all those involved in leading a workshop comply with workshop policies.

Typical tasks include:

  • Scheduling time and space for the workshops
  • Arranging for AV equipment and support
  • Copying workshop administrator on all correspondence with workshop instructors
  • Arranging and cleaning up food/catering
  • Keep track of spending and staying within budget
  • Publicizing workshop activities
  • Distributing and/or posting supplementary material to the web
  • Inviting workshop instructors
  • Providing up-to-date schedules to the workshop administrator
  • Post event schedule information online directly to the website
  • Track approximate event attendance of participants
  • Coordinate distribution of participant evaluations
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