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HeatSync Labs has a collection of woodworking tools, but not a dedicated area specific just for woodworking. Some tools will need to be used outside if making excessive dust and debris that would be a fire hazard. As of this edit there is not a specific wood shop champion. If you have questions post on the Slack channel under woodshop.

Woodworking Safety

Always ask before using our tools for the first time. You must have a waiver filled out. If you don't know what you are doing ask for help.

These were some general safety precautions mentioned on the rules page. Many more safety precautions apply and are often tool specific.

  • Tool is in a safe position (won't tip/fall)
  • Cut away from you, think "where are my hands and fingers going to end up?"
  • Check the people around you, and any electric cords or unsafe things that may be in the way
    • Alert them before you begin (glasses, dust, noise)
  • Adjust saw when it's unplugged




In Development

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