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The Wishlist is an area to add specific tool and material requests. Tools donated or acquired by HeatSync Labs can be found on the Library page.

Also see: Amazon Wishlist


General Lab Needs

Building Needs

  • New vinyl for front sign 12' x 14"
  • New projector



When purchasing we, as a rule, do not want versions of software that restrict commercial use, as we are prototyping and creating.

  • Matlab - 1 license $2k at mathworks
  • Eagle standard (4x6) $750, pro $1500
    • Or Alibre? Altium would be nice (5k)..
  • VCarve - CAD/CAM system for making signs and art
  • Autocad 2012 w subscription $4425, w/o $3995 download only on autodesk - 2011 mac $? on techsoup
  • Autocad inventor only in packages now.. (windows) $? on techsoup
  • SolidWorks - $4k standard should be sufficient - education version is for non-commercial use only.
    • According to rep, 4k is lowest price.
  • MasterCam -10k-15? - in contact for lowest price for us
    • OR Cam bam? $150 - $300
  • Mach CNC control software - $175 + $50 - Generously offered to us free by developer, ArtSoft
  • flickr pro accounts $6 on techsoup

Research facts

  • Corel - Educator version is for non-commercial use only.
  • Adobe - Educator version is only available to accredited schools.
  • Adobe - ESD means download-only.
  • Eagle - Nonprofit version is for non-commercial use only.
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