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  • sign vinyl / sticker vinyl
  • heat transfer (easy weed is a good brand [1])
  • Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Vinyl Film
  • Fluorescent Film
  • Reflective Film
  • Other materials of thickness between 0.05-0.30mm.

Accepted File Types

  • eps
  • ai
  • bmp
  • tif
  • gif
  • pcx
  • tga
  • jpg
  • pcd
  • pct
  • psd
  • cmx
  • ps
  • wmf
  • dxf (may not work properly)

Basic Operation

  • Power on cutter

1. Clear Margins - To allow us to use irregular shaped pieces of vinyl and to avoid excessive waste, we will not use the automatic margins feature of the machine. To get around this feature, do the following: Without loading any vinyl, lock the two rollers at the left and right ends of the track. Turn the machine on, and select “scroll”. When the machine stops moving, press enter. The machine will assume that it is now at the bottom right corner of your material. Before loading your material, hold the down arrow key for a second or two.

2. Load vinyl - The vinyl can be fed into the machine from the front or back, and should be held in place by locking the two rollers at its edges. These rollers must be placed in the green sections of the track to work properly. Make sure you leave a margin of at least one inch at the back of the material for the rollers to grip.

3. Set the starting point - Use the arrow keys to move the blade to about ¼” from the bottom and ¼” from the right of your material. Hold enter until the screen shows “x:0 y:0” to set the starting point, press enter to cancel.

4. Cut your design - Open SignBlazer Elements on the computer. You can design your graphic in the software, or import files (see list above). You should set the page size to match your material by clicking the “Setup” button on the toolbar. This just helps you verify that your design will fit on the material. Make sure your design fits on the vinyl with approximately ½” to spare. When you are ready to cut, press the “Cutter” button on the toolbar. This will open a preview of where your cut will be placed. Press the “CUT!” button on the toolbar, and then press “Cut Tile” on the dialog that opens. When the cut is done, press enter on the machine to reset it for another cut, or turn the machine off.


Taken from: [2]

Model: CP-2500

Maximum cutting area: 592mmx35m (23.2inx114. 8ft)

Maximum media width: 610mm (24in)

Coordinate origin: coordinate origin specifiable

Number of cutter/pen: 1

Standard of blade and holder: F2

Material: Calendered self-adhesive vinyl film, fluorescent film, reflective film, paper card or other materials of thickness between 0.05-0.30mm. Up to 0.8mm(0.04in) thick material accepted

Maximum velocity: 800mm/sec

Mechanical resolution: 0.025mm/step

Programmable resolution: 0.05mm/step

Distance accuracy: within 0.15% of distance moved

Repeatability: within 0.02mm

Cutting force: 500g (can be adjusted by panel)

Command sets: Compatible with HP-GL

Interface: Centronics parallel/RS-232 serial(auto interface recognition)

Processor/Memory: Adapt 16 bits DSP technology, 64Mb Memory

Drive: Divisional motor

Lifting and dropping rate: 15times/sec

Acceleration: 4g

Power/consumption: 110v/250v 50-60HZ. 120W(max)

External dimensions: (W*D*H) 950x500x1100 mm 37x19.7x43.3in

Total weight: (main frame, horse) 28kgs(15,13)

Additional Information

User Manual: [3]

Software: Sure Cuts A Lot Pro [4]

Replacement Blades [5] Lower cost replacement blades with holder [6]

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