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The Ultimaker is running, pending upkeep by User:Dfarms.



Take a look at our Ultimaker Quickstart Guide for your five minute crash course on the Ultimaker 3D printer.

Future Plans

I'd Really like to update our machine to the Ultimaker 2 at some point.


  • Clean Hot end every month

Upkeep Log

8 June 2014

  • Switched to E3d metal hot end with new bowden clamp system
  • Added Heated bed to allow for printing with different materials and allowing larger prints

30 November 2012

  • New PEEK tube turned on Lathe by colin
  • Colin installed the Makerbot mk6 extruder drive
  • Prints back up to installed quality.

14 November 2012

  • Machine down pending new PEEK from Colin and Jake

18 October 2012

  • Set up remote gcode generation through dropbox (contact User:Rrix)

12 October 2012

  • Flashed Marlin Rev2.0 on to machine
  • Set up RepetierHost for GCode generation
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