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Put operational procedures here.

New Member

  • Have them fill out the Membership Application
  • Either set up a PayPal recurring payment to (an option is given at the end of the application form) or choose another method to send their payment. Automated, electronic, or prepaid months in advance is preferred. If prepaid cash/check utilize square, take photo, and place in admin locker.
    • Jotform is sent to board@ notifying board
  • Treasurer: Confirm form and payment, record details in membership spreadsheet, and notify operations team of new member.
  • Operations Team:

Member Nonpayment/Cancellation

  • Treasurer: At least once every month, check member payment status. Do a complete audit quarterly. If a member hasn't paid, notify the operations team to have card access turned off. Likewise, notify the team when a member begins payment again. If there are unpaid months or portions of months during which they had access, the member must pay the difference.
  • Operations Team: When notified of nonpayment or resumption of payment, follow the Access Card Procedure.

Equipment Certification

When someone wants to use equipment they're not certified for:

  • If there's a class scheduled for that equipment, hook them up with that class/teacher.
  • If there is no class scheduled, suggest that the member email the group asking for a class. Alternatively, if there is time and a certified member is onsite, they may give an impromptu class according to the Equipment Use Guidelines.

Sales, membership payments, and donations

For any sales (i.e. t-shirts, Arduino boards, etc) the sales person (a board member or trained member) needs to ideally use Square to process the payment. Please include the following in the description or as an accompanying email to the Treasurer:

  • Name (first and last)
  • Email address
  • Item sold
  • Amount sold for

If Square is unavailable record this information along with the payment so that the sale can be tracked and an electronic receipt can be sent to the buyer via e-mail.

Purchase Requests

To request the Board to purchase something, follow instructions on the Procurement Request page.

Tool Acquisition

See Tool Acquisition HOWTO

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