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Thank you for your interest!

See a press-ready description of HeatSync here:

Please remember: the proper spelling/capitalization is HeatSync Labs or simply HeatSync, and our preferred pronouns are hackerspace, makerspace, workshop, or community. It may be tempting or convenient to call us an incubator, coworking space, or hangout, and those things might happen at HeatSync, but that isn't our purpose or focus and so using those words detracts from the physical creation and invention that is our core purpose.


Logo Pack & Brand Standards

Download the logo pack, including the branding guidelines for proper use here File:Heatsync labs logo

For just our brand standards, see: File:Heatsync labs brand standards.pdf

Flier / Poster

Promote HeatSync with this snazzy flier: File:hsl flier 1.pdf

CNC Ready Vector

Vector File Ready for the laser or vinyl cutter: File:HeattSync Logo Simplified

  • (See logo pack above for full color vector versions)

Selected bitmaps (see logo pack for vectors)

Heatsync labs icon - color - latest.png

Heatsync labs icon - black - latest.png

Heatsync labs logo - color - latest.png

Heatsync labs logo - black - latest.png

QR Codes

Website Front Page

hsl website qr code.png


Logo Font (GPL)



HSL Orange:

RGB: 249 155 12
HEX: #F99B0C
CMYK: 0 38 95 2

HSL Black

RGB: 44 44 41
HEX: #2C2C29
CMYK: 0 0 7 83

Business Card

Layout is for 3.5" x 2" with .125 bleed. (3.75" x 2.25" printed cards, cropped to 3.5" x 2")

Front Back
NOTE: SVG requires font File:charis

File:business card front

File:business card front.pdf

business card front.png

File:business card back

File:business card back.pdf

business card back.png

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