Operational Policies

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Public Space

  • Public spaces, such as desks, workbenches, floorspace, and tools, must be kept clean when not actively being used.
    • Clean up after yourself as you work in different areas of the space, and don't hog everything! Do a once over before leaving, we don't have a janitor.
    • Leave it cleaner and working better than you found it. Properly maintain any equipment you use, and do not leave equipment in a state where it is likely to be damaged.
  • Do not take equipment out of the lab without consulting the general community. Avoid doing so in general
  • Do not hack apart stuff that isn't yours or a consumable.


  • Dangerous tools require certification before you can use them in the lab, even if you have prior experience from outside of Heatsync.
  • Everything in the lab should have a home. Put everything back in it's home so everyone else can find it.

Sleeping in the lab

  • Sleeping in the lab is only acceptable for 2 nights per week or less.

Card Access

  • Basic Members can receive cards when approved by a majority vote of members who already have card access[1] at an operations meeting ("Hack your Hackerspace" night.) You may request someone else propose you get a card, or simply wait until someone proposes that you get a card. Proposing yourself for card access is illegal.
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