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Mesa Regulations


I spoke with a city planning person today. She was very helpful. I came armed with information from a lot of folks at the lab, and confirmed what they had been saying.

To wit:

  • Change of occupancy triggers a new building code assessment.
    • "Change of occupancy" was the specific wording she used.
    • She referenced that the existing occupancy was "B" for business, though, so I think "change of occupancy" means "change of occupancy type."
  • We will need sprinklers to do welding indoors.
    • If we have firewalls, we would only need to cover the firewalled space(s) where fire hazards exist.
    • The person who was helping me called the Mesa expert on sprinkler regulations to confirm. She let me listen in and I was very convinced that the answer was complete and final.
  • Our use according to City of Mesa is "Industrial Trade School."
    • "Handicraft / Custom Manufacturing" is also close, but since Industrial Trade School is equally or more accurate and is more strictly regulated, we are required to use it.
  • Industrial Trade School requirements:
    • Must be confined to completely enclosed, sound-attenuated facilities.
    • Air Space Regulations near Airports (we aren't looking near any)
    • One parking space per 200 square feet.
      • Can be adjusted with a parking study and public hearing with the board of adjustment.
  • See Title 11, Article 2, Chapter 6 for allowed uses in commercial and mixed use zones.
  • See Title 11, Article 8, Chapter 86 for definition of uses.
  • The whole process took maybe 20 minutes from when I walked in the door. I was impressed with the speed and professionalism.
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