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Updated: July 19, 2013

Department Subject Title Author Publisher Year Edition ISBN URL
Main .NET Introducing Microsoft .NET David S. Platt. Microsoft 2003 3. edition. 9780735619180
Main After Effects Adobe After Effects 4. [Adobe Systems Incorporated, San Jose, California]. Adobe 1999 9780201658910
Main Apache Apache : the definitive guide Ben Laurie and Peter Laurie. O'Reilly 1999 2. ed. 9781565925281
Main Arduino Getting started with Arduino Massimo Banzi. Make:Books / O'Reilly 2009 1st ed. 9780596155513
Main Arduino Programming interactivity : a designer's guide to processing, Arduino, and openFrameworks Joshua Noble. O'Reilly 2009 1st ed. 9780596154141
Main Assembly programming The art of assembly language by Randall Hyde. No Starch Press 2010 2nd ed. 9781593272074
Main Automation Home remote-control and automation projects Delton T. Horn. TAB Books 1991 2nd ed. 0830621970
Main Basic Stamp BASIC Stamp syntax and reference manual : version 2.2. Parallax 2005 9781928982326
Main Basic Stamp Programming and customizing the BASIC Stamp computer Scott Edwards. McGraw-Hill 1998 9780079136848
Main Basic Stamp The nuts and volts of BASIC stamps. Published by Parallax in co-operation with Nuts and volts magazine 1999 9781928982111
Main Basic Stamp The nuts and volts of BASIC stamps. Published by Parallax in co-operation with Nuts and volts magazine 1999 9781928982104
Main Biopunk Biopunk : DIY scientists hack the software of life Marcus Wohlsen. Current 1. publ. 9781617230028
Main C programming Practical C programming Steve Oualline. O'Reilly 2000 3. ed., [Nachdr.] 9781565923065
Main C programming Teach yourself C in 24 hours Tony Zhang. Sams Pub. 1997 1st ed. 9780672310683
Main C++ Algorithms in C++ Robert Sedgewick. Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. 1992 7. print. 9780201510591
Main C++ C++ program design an introduction to programming and object-oriented design James P. Cohoon ; Jack W. Davidson. WCB, McGraw-Hill 1999 2. ed. 9780070121355
Main C++ C++ programming : from problem analysis to program design D. S. Malik. Course Technology/Thomson Learning 2002 9780619062132
Main C++ Data structures using C++. Davender Malik. Thomson Learning 2003 9780619159078
Main C4 C4 language pocket reference Peter Drayton, Ben Albahari and Ted Neward. O'Reilly 2002 1st ed. 9780596004293
Main Chemistry Chemistry Raymond Chang. McGraw-Hill 2002 7th ed. 9780073656014
Main Chemistry Organic chemistry T.W. Graham Solomons. Wiley 1988 4th ed. 0471836591
Electronics Circuits Circuit theory William D. Hunt, Russell Mesereau. Prentice Hall 2005 9780131911543
Electronics Circuits The circuit designer's companion Tim Williams. Elsevier/Newnes 2004 2nd ed. 9780750663700
Main ClearCase Software configuration management strategies and rational ClearCase : a practical introduction Brian A. White ; [foreword by Geoffrey M. Clemm]. Addison-Wesley 2000 3rd print. 9780201604788
Main Comic Book Perspective! for comic book artists : how to achieve a professional look in your artwork David Chelsea. Watson-Guptill Publications 1997 1. printing. 9780823005673
Main Consulting Adams Streetwise independent consulting David Kintler with Bob Adams. Adams Media Corp. 1998 9781558507289
Textiles Crafts Fashioning technology : a DIY intro to smart crafting by Syuzi Pakhchyan. Make:Books 2008 1st ed. 9780596514372
Main CSS Cascading style sheets : the definitive guide Eric A. Meyer. O'Reilly 2000 1. ed. 9781565926226
Main CSS CSS in easy steps Mike McGrath. In Easy Steps 2009 2nd ed. 9781840783643
Main CVS Essential CVS : [version control and source code management] Jennifer Vesperman. O'Reilly 2003 1. ed. 9780596004590
Main Data Communications Data communications : from basics to broadband William J. Beyda. Prentice Hall 1999 3. ed., reprinted with corrections. 9780130961396
Main Database Sams teach yourself database design in 24 hours. Ryan K. Stephens, Ronald R. Piew. Sams 1999 9780672317583
Main Database The manga guide to databases by Mana Takahashi. No Starch 2008 1st ed. 9781593271909
Main Debian Learning Debian GNU/Linux Bill McCarty. O'Reilly 1999 1. ed. 1565927052
Main Drawing Drawing : a contemporary approach Teel Sale and Claudia Betti. Wadsworth 2003 5th ed. 9780534613358
Main Drawing Engineering drawing and graphic technology [by] Thomas E. French [and] Charles J. Vierck. McGraw Hill 1972 11th ed. 0-07-022157-X
Electronics Electronics Foundations of analog and digital electronic circuits Anant Agarwal and Jeffrey H. Lang. Elsevier [u.a.] 2005 3rd print. 9781558607354
Electronics Electronics Industrial electronics James T. Humphries, Leslie P. Sheets. Delmar Publishers 1993 4th ed. 9780827358256
Electronics Electronics Make: electronics : learning by discovery Charles Platt with photographs and illustrations by the author. O'Reilly 2009 1st ed. 9780596153748
Main Electronics Electronics projects for dummies by Earl Boysen and Nancy Muir. Wiley 2006 9780470009680
Main Electronics The build-it book of electronic projects by Rudolf F. Graf & George J. Whalen. Tab Books 1983 1st ed. 0830604987
Main Electronics The build-it book of electronic projects by Rudolf F. Graf & George J. Whalen. Tab Books 1983 1st ed. 0830604987
Main Electronics The manga guide to electricity Kazuhiro Fujitaki, Matsuda, and Trend-pro Co., Ltd. No Starch Press 2009 9781593271978
Main Firewall The best damn firewall book period Thomas W. Shinder ... [et al.] ; Anne Carasik-Henmi, technical editor. Syngress 2003 [Online-Ausg.] 9781931836906
Main Flash Certified Macromedia Flash MX developer study guide Neeld Tanksley, Luke Bayes and John Elstad. Macromedia Press 2003 9780321157300
Main Flash Macromedia Flash 8 : For Windows and Macintosh. Katherine Ulrich. Peachpit 2006 9780321349637
Main Google Google advertising tools Harold Davis. O'Reilly 2006 1st ed. 9780596101084
Main Hacking Hardware hacking projects for geeks Scott Fullam. O'Reilly 2004 1. Aufl. 9780596003142
Electronics Invention Practical electronics for inventors Paul Scherz. McGraw-Hill 2007 2nd ed. 9780071452816
Main Invention 101 unuseless Japanese inventions : the art of chindogu Kenji Kawakami ; translated by and additional text by Dan Papia ; edited by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. W.W. Norton 1995 1st American ed. 9780393313697
Main J2ME J2ME in a nutshell : a desktop quick reference Kim Topley. [Ed.: Robert Eckstein]. O'Reilly 2002 1. ed. 9780596002534
Main Java Java and XSLT : [embedding XML processing into Java applications] Eric M. Burke. O'Reilly 2001 1. ed. 9780596001438
Main Java Learning Java : [covers Java 1.3] Patrick Niemeyer and Jonathan Knudsen. O'Reilly 2000 1. ed. 9781565927186
Main Java Head first Java : [your brain on Java - a learner's guide] Kathy Sierra; Bert Bates. O'Reilly 2003 1. ed. 9780596004651
Main Java Java 2 : Micro edition Eric Giguère. Wiley 2000 9780471390657
Main Java Java in a nutshell a desktop quick reference David Flanagan. O'Reilly 2002 4th ed. 9780596002831
Main Java Java network programming Elliotte Rusty Harold. O'Reilly 1997 1st ed. 9781565922273
Main Java Java servlet programming Jason Hunter, with William Crawford. O'Reilly 2001 2nd ed. 9780596000400
Main Java Java software solutions : foundations of program design by John Lewis ; William Loftus. Addison Wesley 2003 3. ed. 9780201781298
Main Java Java software solutions : foundations of program design John Lewis, William Loftus. Addison-Wesley 2000 2nd ed. 9780201612714
Main Java JavaServer Pages Hans Bergsten. O'Reilly 2003 3. ed. 9780596005634
Main Javascript JavaScript : the definitive guide David Flanagan. O'Reilly 2002 4th ed. 9780596000486
Main Javascript The book of JavaScript a practical guide to interactive Web pages Thau!. No Starch Press 2006 2nd ed. 9781593271060
Main Jquery JQuery in action Bear Bibeault, Yehuda Katz. Manning 2008 3., corr. print., [Nachdr.] 9781933988351
Main Linue RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux study guide Michael H. Jang. McGraw-Hill/Osborne 2007 5th ed. 9780072264548
Main Linux Understanding the Linux Kernel Daniel P. Bovet and Marco Cesati. O'Reilly 2003 2. ed. 9780596002138
Main Linux DBA's guide to databases on Linux [technical editor, Chris Rogers]. Syngress Media 2000 [Online-Ausg.] 9781928994046
Main Linux Linux : installation, configuration and use. Michael Kofler. Addison-Wesley 1999 2nd ed. 9780201596281
Main Linux Linux Apache Web server administration Charles Aulds. SYBEX 2000 9780782127348
Main Linux Linux troubleshooting bible Christopher Negus and Thomas Weeks. Wiley 2004 9780764569975
Main Linux LPI Linux certification in a nutshell : a desktop quick reference Jeffrey Dean. [Ed.: Chuck Toporek]. O'Reilly 2001 1st ed. 9781565927483
Main Linux Red Hat Linux David Pitts.... Sams Publ. 1998 2. ed. 9780672311734
Main Lisp Lisp Patrick Henry Winston, Berthold Klaus Paul Horn. Addison-Wesley 1989 3rd ed. 0201083191
Main Mac Programming Beginning Mac programming : develop with Objective-C and Cocoa Tim Isted. Pragmatic Bookshelf 2010 9781934356517
Shop Machine Tool Machine tool practices Richard R. Kibbe ... [et al.]. Prentice Hall 1999 6th ed. 9780132702324
Main Make Managing projects with Make Andrew Oram and Steve Talbott. O'Reilly & Associates 1991 2nd ed. 9780937175903
Main Microcontroller What's a microcontroller? : student guide : version 2.0. [by Andy Lindsay]. Parallax 2003 9781928982029
Main Microcontroller What's a microcontroller? : student guide : version 2.0. [by Andy Lindsay]. Parallax 2003 9781928982395
Main Music Musical instrument design : practical information for instrument making written and illustrated by Bart Hopkin. See Sharp Press 1996 9781884365089
Main Network 802.11 Wireless Networks : the definitive guide Matthew S. Gast. O'Reilly 2002 1. ed. 9780596001834
Main Network Building wireless sensor networks Robert Faludi. O'Reilly 2010 1st ed. 9780596807733
Main Network Guide to network defense and countermeasures by Randy Weaver. Thomson Course Technology 2007 2nd ed. 9781418836795
Main Network Guide to networking essentials Greg Tomsho, Ed Tittel and David Johnson. Thomson/Course Technology 2004 4th ed. 9780619215323
Main Network Managing NFS and NIS Hal Stern. O'Reilly & Associates 1991 Minor corr. 9780937175750
Main Network TCP/IP for dummies by Marshall Wilensky and Candace Leiden. IDG Books Worldwide 1995 9781568842417
Main Newtorks Configuring Juniper Networks NetScreen & SSG firewalls Rob Cameron ... [et al.]. Syngress 2007 9781597491181
Main Optics Opticks Isaac Newton. Prometheus Books 2003 9781591020950
Main Oracle Oracle PL/SQL language : pocket reference Steven Feuerstein, Bill Pribyl, and Chip Dawes. O'Reilly 2004 3rd ed. 9780596006808
Main OS X Mac OS X : the missing manual David Pogue. Pogue Press/O'Reilly 2004 Panther ed. 9780596006150
Main OS X Mac OS X Panther for Unix geeks Brian Jepson and Ernest E. Rothman. O'Reilly 2004 2. ed. 9780596006075
Main Packaging Design matters : packaging 01 : an essential primer for today's competitive market [design] Capsule. Rockport Publishers 2007 9781592533411
Main PC PC troubleshooting pocket guide for managing and maintaining your PC Jean Andrews. Course Technology 2003 9780619186203
Main PC Upgrading and repairing PCs. Scott Mueller with the Linux general store. Que 1999 Linux ed. 9780789720757
Electronics PCV Complete PCB design using OrCAD Capture and PCB editor Kraig Mitzner. Newnes/Elsevier 2009 9780750689717
Main Perl CGI programming with Perl : [creating dynamic web pages] Scott Guelich, Shishir Gundavaram and Gunther Birznieks. O'Reilly 2000 2. ed., expanded & updated. 9781565924192
Main Perl Perl 6 now : the core ideas illustrated with Perl 5 Scott Walters. Apress 2005 9781590593950
Main Perl Perl core language : little black book Steven Holzner. Coriolis Group 1999 9781576104262
Main Perl Perl, CGI, and JavaScript complete Sybex Inc. SYBEX 2000 1st ed. 9780782127805
Main Perl Programming Perl Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen & Jon Orwant. O'Reilly 2000 3rd ed. 9780596000271
Main Phoenix Phoenix : 21st century city editor: Edward Booth-Clibborn. Booth-Clibborn Editions 2006 9781861542922
Main PHP Programming PHP Rasmus Lerdorf and Kevin Tatroe ; with Bob Kaehms and Ric McGredy. O'Reilly 2002 1st ed. 9781565926103
Main PHP Programming PHP Rasmus Lerdorf and Kevin Tatroe. O'Reilly 2005 2nd ed. 9780596006815
Main Pikal Pihkal : a chemical love story by Alexander Shulgin, Ann Shulgin. Transform Press 1991 1st ed., 7th printing 9780963009609
Shop Power Tool Power Tools R. J. De Cristoforo Popular Science Press 1973 1st ed. 0060109998
Main Problem solving Problem solving and programming concepts Maureen Sprankle. Prentice Hall 2003 6th ed. 9780130482686
Main Problem solving Problem solving using C : structured programing techniques Yuksel Uckan. WCB/McGraw-Hill 1999 2nd ed. 9780075619369
Main Processing Getting started with Processing Casey Reas and Ben Fry. O'Reilly 2010 1st ed. 9781449379803
Main Qt Programming with Qt Matthias Kalle Dalheimer. O'Reilly 1999 1. ed. 9781565925885
Main R Language 25 recipes for getting started with R Paul Teetor. O'Reilly Media 1st ed. 9781449303235
Main Rails Agile web development with Rails : a pragmatic guide Dave Thomas ; David Heinemeier Hansson. With Leon Breedt ... Pragmatic Bookshelf 2005 6. print. 9780976694007
Main Rails Rails recipes Chad Fowler. Pragmatic Bookshelf 2006 3. print. 9780977616602
Main Reason Power tools for Reason 2.5 : master the world's most popular virtual studio software by Kurt Kurasaki Backbeat Books 2003 9780879307745
Main Reason Reason 2.5 ignite! [edited by] Dan Foster. Muska & Lipman, a Division of Course Tehcnology 2003 9781592001477
Main Reason Reason 2.5 Power! by Michael Prager. Muska & Lipman 2004 9781592001385
Main RFID RFID and beyond growing your business through real world awareness Claus Heinrich Wiley 2005 9780764583353
Shop Router Router handbook Patrick Spielman ; edited and designed by Hannah Reich. Sterling Publishing 1983 2nd ed. 0806977760
Main Ruby Programming Ruby the pragmatic programmers' guide ; [includes Ruby 1.8] Dave Thomas ; Chad Fowler ; Andy Hunt The Pragmatic Bookshelf 2006 2. ed., 10. print. 9780974514055
Main Ruby Beginning Ruby : from novice to professional Peter Cooper. Apress 2007 9781590597668
Main Ruby Programming Ruby : the pragmatic programmer's guide David Thomas; Andrew Hunt. Addison-Wesley 2000 3. [print.] 9780201710892
Main Rules Robert's rules of order [Henry M. Robert ; illustrated by Will Eisner]. Bantam Books 1986 Bantam ed. 9780553225983
Main Samba Using Samba : [a file & print server for LINUX, Unix & Mac OS X] Jay Ts ; Robert Eckstein and David Collier-Brown. O'Reilly 2003 2. ed [covers Samba 2.2 & 3.0]. 9780596002565
Main Samba Samba integrating Unix and Windows John D. Blair Specialized Systems Consultants 9781578310067
Main Science The book of totally irresponsible science Sean Connolly. Workman Pub. 2008 9780761150206
Main Sewing Stich 'n bitch handbook : instructions, patterns, and advice for a new generation of knitters Debbie Stoller. Workman 2003 9780761128182
Textiles Sewing Better homes and gardens creative crafts and stitchery. Meredith Corp. 1976 1st ed. 0696003813
Textiles Sewing Tunisian around the home : crochet by Kim Guzman. Annie's Attic 2009 9781596352421
Main Software A discipline for software engineering Watts S. Humphrey. Addison-Wesley 1997 6. print. 9780201546101
Main System Administration Essential system administration Aeleen Frisch. O'Reilly 1995 2nd ed. 9781565921276
Shop Table Saw Table saw techniques Roger W. Cliffe. Sterling Pub. 1997 Rev. ed. 9780806942681
Main UML UML : pocket reference Dan Pilone. O'Reilly 2003 1st ed. 9780596004972
Main UML UML and the unified process : practical object-oriented analysis and design Jim Arlow and Ila Neustadt. Addison-Wesley 2002 9780201770605
Main Unix UNIX : the complete reference Kenneth H. Rosen ... [et al.]. Osborne 1999 9780072118926
Main Unix UNIX for programmers and users : a complete guide Graham Glass. Prentice Hall 1993 9780134808802
Main Version control Pragmatic version control : using subversion Mike Mason. Pragmatic Bookshelfs 2005 Subversion ed. 9780974514062
Main Version control Pragmatic version control with CVS David Thomas ; Andy Hunt. Pragmatic Bookshelf 2003 4. print. 9780974514000
Main Web ASP.NET for web designers Peter Ladka ; managing editor Kristy Knoop. New Riders 2002 1. edition. 9780735712621
Main Web Web navigation : designing the user experience Jennifer Fleming. O'Reilly 1998 1. ed. 9781565923515
Shop Welding Welding skills R.T. MIller. American Technical Publishers 1997 2nd ed. 9780826930071
Main WiFi Real 802.11 security : Wi-Fi protected access and 802.11i Jon Edney and William A. Arbaugh. Addison-Wesley 2004 4. print. 9780321136206
Main Windows Mastering Windows XP Professional Mark Minasi. SYBEX 2002 2nd ed. 9780782141146
Main Doktor Sleepless. Warren Ellis, Ivan Rodriguez. Avatar Press 2008 9781592910540

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Reference Materials Ownership Status
Name ISBN Author Genre Year Donor Owner Publisher/Series
A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing 0-393005782-8 Malkiel, Burton G. Nonfiction 2003 Jeremy Leung
American Red Cross, Community First Aid and Safety 1-58480-105-0 Staywell Textbook 2002
An Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic .NET, Fifth Edition w/CD 0-13-030657-6 Schneider, David I. Reference 2003 Pearson
Best Damn Firewall Book Period 1-931836-90-6 Shimonski, Robert J., Shinder, Debra Littlejohn Reference 2003 Syngress
C++ Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design 0-619-06213-X Malik, D.S. Reference 2002 Thomson
C++ Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design, Second Edition w/CD 0-619-16042-X Malik, D.S. Reference 2004 Thomson
C++: How to Program w/CD 0-13-185757-6 Deitel Reference 2005 Pearson
Calculus Concepts and Contexts, Second Edition w/CD 0-534-37718-1 Stewart, James Textbook 2001
Calculus with Analytic Geometry Crowell, Richard H., Slesnick, William E. 1968 Jeremy Leung
CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate, Study Guide, Fifth Edition w/CD 0-7821-4391-1 Lammie, Todd Reference 2005 Sybex
CCNA Virtual Lab, Platinum Edition w/CD 0-7821-3037-2 Lammle, Todd, Tedder, William Reference 2003 Sybex
College Algebra, Third Edition 0-13-101365-3 Blitzer, Robert Textbook 2004
Complete PCB Design Using OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor 978-0-7506-8971-7 Mitzner, Kraig Reference 2009 Newnes
Data Structures Using C++ 0-619-15907-3 Malik, D.S. Reference 2003 Thomson
Delphi 4 Bible w/CD 0-7645-3237-5 Swan, Tom Reference 1998 IDG
Differential and Integral Calculus Ayers, Frank Textbook 1950
DNS and BIND, Second Edition 1-56592-236-0 Albitz, Paul, Liu, Cricket Reference 1997 O'Reilly
Drawing: A Contemporary Approach, Fifth Edition 0-534-61335-7 Sale, Teel, Betti, Claudia Textbook 2004
Embedded Software Development with eCos w/CD 0-13-035473-2 Massa, Anthony J. Reference 2003 Prentice Hall
Exploring Psychology 0-7167-5253-0 Meyers, David G. Textbook 2002
First Year College Mathematics Ayers, Frank Textbook 1958
Guide to Network Defense and Countermeasures, Second Edition 1-4188-3679-6 Weaver, Randy Reference 2007 Thomson
Guide to Networking Essentials, Fourth Edition w/CD 0-619-21532-1 Tomsho, Greg, Tittel, Ed, Johnson, David Reference 2004 Thomson
Guide to TCP/IP, Second Edition w/CD 0-619-21242-X Chappell, Laura A., Tittel, Ed Reference 2004 Thomson
Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks 0-596-00314-5 Fullam, Scott Reference 2004 O'Reilly
Have You Locked the Castle Gate: Home and Small Business Computer Security 0-201-71955-X Shea, Brian Reference 2002 Pearson
Inside C# w/CD 0-7356-1288-9 Archer, Tom Reference 2001 Microsoft
Java Network Programming 1-56592-227-1 Harold, Elliotte R. Reference 1997 O'Reilly
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, Third Edition 1-56592-392-8 Flanagan, David Reference 1998 O'Reilly
Learning Debian GNU/Linux 1-56592-705-2 McCarty, Bill Reference 1999 O'Reilly
Learning Red Hat Linux w/CD 1-56592-627-7 McCarty, Bill Reference 1999 O'Reilly
Linux Firewalls: Attack Detection and Response with Iptables, PSAD, and Fwsnort /CD 978-1-59327-141-1 Rash, Michael Reference 2007 No Starch
Linux+ Guide to Linux Certification, Second Edition 0-619-21621-2 Eckbert, Jason W., Schitka, M., John Reference 2006 Thomson
Logos: An Essential Primer for Today\'s Competitive Market Capsule 01 13-978-1-59253-3411-1 Rockport Nonfiction 2007
Macroeconomics, Sixth Edition, International Edition w/CD 0-321-21069-7 Parkin, Michael Textbook 2003
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Visual Quickstart Guide 0-321-35027-8 Negrino, Tom, Smith, Dori Reference 2006 Peachpit
Macromedia Dreamweaver For Windows & Macintosh, Visual Quickstart Guide 0-321-21339-4 Towers, J. Tarin Reference 2005 Peachpit
Malicious Cryptography: Exposing Cryptoviroloy 0-765-4975-8 Young, Adam L., Yung, Moti Reference 2004 Wiley
Managing Projects with make 0-937175-90-0 Oram, Andrew, Talbott, Steve Reference 1991 O'Reilly
MCSE Guide to Managing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment w/CD 0-619-12035-5 DiNicolo, Dan Reference 2004 Thomson
MCSE Guide to Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Second Edition w/CD 0-619-18681-1-X Stewart, James M., Tittel, Ed Reference 2004 Thomson
Nagios: System and Network Moitoring 978-1-59327-070-4 Barth, Wolfgang Reference 2006 No Starch
Network Security Assessment 81-7366-880-9 McNah, Chris Reference 2004 O'Reilly
Network Security Evaluation: Using the NSA IEM 1-597490-35-0 Cunningham, Bryan, Dykstra, Ted Reference 2005 Syngress
Official (ISC)2 Guide to the SSCP CBK 0-8493-2774-1 Contesti, Diana L., Andre, Douglas Reference 2007 Auerbach
Practical C Programming, Third Edition 1-56592-306-5 Oualline, Steve Reference 1997 O'Reilly
Principles of Information Security, Second Edition 0-619-21625-5 Whitman, Michael E., Mattord, Herbert J. Reference 2005 Thomson
Problem Solving and Programming Concepts, 6th Edition 0-13-048268-4 Sprankle, Maureen Textbook 2003 UAT
Problem Solving Using C: Structured Programming Techniques, Second Edition 0-07-561936-9 Uckna, Yuksel Reference
Programming with Qt 1-56592-588-2 Dalheimer, Matthias K. Reference 1999 O'Reilly
RFID and Beyond: Growing Your Business through Real World Awareness 0-7645-8335-2 Henrich, Claus Reference 2005 Wiley
Samba: Integrating Unix and Windows w/CD 1-57831-006-7 Blair, John D. Reference 1998
Security Assessment: Case Studies for Implementing the NSA IAM 1-932266-96-8 Miles, Greg, Rogers, Russ Reference 2004 Syngress
Security+ 0-7897-2910-5 Hausman, Kirk, Barrett, Diane Reference 2003 Exam Cram2
Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundementals 0-619-12017-7 Campbell, Paul, Calvert, Ben Reference 2003 Jeremy Leung Thomson
Security+ Practice Questions w/CD 0-7897-3151-7 Sparbel, Hans Reference 2004 Exam Cram2
Snort 2.0 Intrusion Detection w/CD 1-931836-74-4 Cawell, Brian, Beale, Jay Reference 2003 Syngress
SSCP: Systems Security Certification Practitioner: Study Guide & DVD Training System 1-931836-80-9 Jacobs, Josh, Clemmer, Lee Reference 2003 Syngress
Survey of World History:1789 to Present, Second Edition, Volume II 0-536-68835-4 Pearson Textbook 2003
Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours 0-672-31516-5 Liberty, Jesse Reference 1999 SAMS
Technology Challenged: Understanding Our Creations & Choosing Our Future 0-9763858-0-5 Aznar Miguel F. Nonfiction 2005
The Complete Reference: Unix 0-07-211892-X Rosen, Kenneth, Host, Douglas Reference 1999 Osborne
The Innovator\'s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail 0-87584-585-1 Christensen, Clayton M. Nonfiction 1997
The New Century Handbook, Second Edition w/CD 0-205-32970-5 Hult, Christine A., Huckin, Thomas H. 2002
UML and the Unified Process: Practical Object-Oriented Analysis & Design 0-201-77060-1 Arlow, Jim, Neustadt, Ila Reference 2002 Pearson
Unix & Linux Answers! Certified Tech Support 0-07-882446-X Russel, Charlie, Crawford, Sharon Reference 1998 Chris Coray Osborne
Visual Basic 6 0-7897-1812-X Walnum, Clayton Reference 1999 Daniel Scarberry Idiot's Guide
What\'s a Microcontroller 1-928982-02-6 Lindsay, Andy Reference 2004 Parallax
Windows 2000: Reducing TCO Little Black Book 1-57610-315-3 Simanski, Robert E. Reference 2000
Wok 978-3-625-11173-3 Ikea Nonfiction
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