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Hackerspaces get discounts at certain vendors

The following is a list:

  • Adafruit - Up to 40% off depending on quantity. $250 Minimum
    • Source - Contact the Treasurer with your saved wishlist link
  • Makerbot 5% off a makerbot
    • Have to contact somebody at Makerbot with your credentials
  • Sparkfun - We have gotten 20% off on large buys in the past. Contact the Treasurer with your public wishlist link.
  • Arduino Reseller - We are an official Arduino distributor. We've found you must order in major quantities to make the shipping worth it though. We tend to use the Sparkfun or Adafruit discounts first. Contact the Treasurer for info on pricing.

Local Discounts

Some of our local friends are supporting us with valuable discounts and reduced costs. Contact the google group for access to these:

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