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As we move towards solvency we have scaled back our fundraising efforts. More effort is intended to be spent on our mission, and occasionally there is opportunity for overlap with a fundraising idea.


Previous Fundraisers

Fundraising Ideas

Donation Letter

Donation Letter

Swag Ideas

  • TShirts - Currently selling. $20 per shirt
  • Polos - In process. Cost to members will be around $50.
  • Vinyl Stickers - Undetermined cost at this point. Being researched by Matt.
  • bot Kits - various kits for simple projects; led throwies, bristle bots, arduino kits
  • Circuit Board Necklaces - made from donated circuit boards and sold for $15.
  • Rep Rap Printed {fillinblank} - something that was printed by the Rep Rap?
  • Buttons
  • Laser Etched Notepads
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