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HeatSync Labs is run by a Board of Directors, which rules HeatSync Labs with an iron fist and a golden wallet. Each officer is voted into office once a year by the membership, unless they become vampires and become impeached. The bylaws outline the structure of the Board in more detail. All board officers must pay monthly dues, attend bi-weekly Board meetings, and are encouraged to walk around in lab coats. If you're interested in joining our ranks, please e-mail our champions using info {at}

If you would like to contact everyone on the Board, drop a line to board [at]

Current Board Members

  • Milton Williams, Champion
  • Trish Blickfeldt, Champion
  • David Flores, Treasurer
  • Alyson Zepeda, Secretary
  • Nate Plamondon, Operations

Board Elections

If you are interested in how these people got to be in the board, look at this page:

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