Board:12 July 2012 Meeting

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Open session starts at 7:30 At the meeting, all board members are present

  • Ryan Rix note taking
  • Jake Rosenthal time keeping
  • Jeremy Leung acting as chair

Chairman will be voting to set vote to an odd number


Approval of last meeting's minutes

Unanimous consent, prior meeting mintes pass

Comments from the Membership

  • Tim Gerrits
  • Blaine Bublitz
  • Ryan McDermott

Both reserve their minute

Director Updates

Jose Diaz

Financial report

Jake Rosenthal requests that we pump up the jams before the financial report

  • We our large corporate donor this year after about a year of donations
  • Membership needs audit, people not paying what they have on our books.
    • Keeping track of people who pay cash, might be time to move away from cash payments altogether. Dwolla, Paypal, Amazon Payments, mailed checks.

Point of order, member Ryan McDermott adds comment with a way of properly cancelling memberships. Cedes the rest of his minte

  • 3500$ in checking, not counting the 700$ utility bill going out next week
  • 10000$ in reserve savings account per approved membership vote
  • 2200$ monthly income from memberships
  • Approximately 2100$ in expenditures.
    • Utilities cost have risen through summer months

Will Bradley

Will asks if he can hope Jose with membership audit Jake asks if he can be notified when the audit is complete so he can clean up boxen Ryan asks if he can be notified to update the card access database per membereship details

Will has been working on tee shirt orders, working on setting up tool procedures

Will has been involved in outreach efforts with ASU edson and other communities in the valley

Ryan Rix

Hasn't been up to too much, has taken a lead on the 3D printing setup

Jacob Rosenthal

The era of "when does HeatSync buy that" is over for now, due to the loss of our corporate sponsor. The community will have to realize that we need to start funding our own projects and tool acquisitions again

Looking forward to elections this October.

Jeremy Leung

  • Import services for laser cutter quoted us on a 1000$ retainer, but are attempting to charge us for an additional 2000$ which they feel that they are owed, and Jeremy is working on clearing that up and finding a happy ending.
  • Follow up on will's outreach comments. Jeremy is excited about the collaboration that is growing between HeatSync and other organisations in the valley.

Old Business

No old business carried over from previous meeting

New Business

Motion by Jeremy Leung

"Motion to have our official board meeting be moved to once a year on the first member meeting in April."

The last two to three meetings, we have had no new business, lack of attendance by the membership. All of the day to day has been pushed to the bi-weekly hack your hackerspace meetings, which is a Good Thing, because the community has more of a say.

Given that, Jeremy believes we can move our meetings to once a year. The membership can call a special meeting any time of the year they would like. This would more than cover what we need to get the board business taken care of.

Jeremy Leung asks for a minute discussion per board member to bring discussion to public

Jose Diaz

Yields his time

Will Bradley

Will thinks the meetings are a good thing. feels that moving the meeting to once a year, would lessen the board's ability to take vision and guidence of the space seriously.

Ryan Rix

Ryan feels like moving to a single meeting is positive, as long as it doesn't keep us from talking and meeting and having that board conversation outside of that meeting. We only need to have an official meeting once, but can talk about board stuff all the time.

Jake Rosenthal

Feels like there should be a stronger argument that we should be meeting more than once a year but has not heard it yet.

Member Tim Gerrits

Asks what our legal requirements are for the meeting, whether we will miss our yearly requirement if poorly planned, will there be quorom, etc.

Jeremy says that having the meeting in April would keep us in line legally.


We do not have unanimous consent for this vote.

  • Jose: For
  • Will: Against
  • Ryan: For
  • Jake: For
  • Jeremy: For

Motion passes.


Unanimous consent to close the meeting at 19:58

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