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This is station to set up to present for events or meetups. Along with a projector with various adapters for video we have a wireless microphone. Or just connect to Bluetooth to play music from the speakers.


  • Powercase 16 Amplified Stereo Mixer
    • Sennheiser wireless microphone (over ear). Should already be connected to the mixer. Takes 9 Volt battery, plan to have one in case it dies
    • Logitech Bluetooth input. Push the connect button to sync and play audio over the speakers
  • PowerLite Home Cinema 740HD Projector. Manual
    • HDMI or ChromeCast among other connection options
  • Webcam Logitech Carl Zeiss Tessar Hd 1080p
  • ADS Tech RDX-150-EF Instant Music
  • Oculus Rift
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