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We have the ability to place an "A frame" type sign to draw attention from Main street foot traffic into our mad scientist lab. This is the actual frame to hold the sign in we're looking at from displays2go:

REA1AFRAME ($13.20)

The actual sign will be made of a layer of white acrylic and aluminum. The white acrylic from estreeplastics.com will be this:

WHITE PLEXIGLASS ACRYLIC #2447 ($10.79) (2 sheets total)

This plastic is ideal for shining light through it, which we'll want to do. Stuff will be cut out of the front-facing aluminum layer and the white plastic will light up with a series of LEDs inside the A-frame that will be charged with solar energy.

The aluminum will match the plastic backing's size at 18"x24" and will have a design laser-cut to precision. Any pieced that become unattached from the main slate of aluminum can be adhered to the plastic backing.

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