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This is a brainstorm done on needs and costs for our 3ry financial report due to the IRS for our 501c3 tax exemption.

Note these costs are set to be high to allow for buying them outside if needed. It is hoped much of this can be scavenged and made do with but we need realistic operational numbers.

This list is currently sorted by who came up with them, not by role necessarily. These needs to be cleaned up and broken down into tables of costs that can be tabulated into larger costs - IE General Supplied, Capital Purchases, etc. A start will be researching the individual items that are more difficult to put prices on.

Champions needs:

  • people - ?
  • consistent image
  • business cards -
  • web redesign-
  • 1page color - worst case scenario .13 a copy kinks - from zach 5cents?
  • logo - 100
  • education
  • joining organizations - ieee table,
  • insurance -D & O az covers??

Content Editor needs:

  • UAT/ASU Senior
  • commission video editing/filming
  • swag budget (plastic, tshirt)

Scribe needs:

  • PO box
  • statutory agent?
  • general supplies 25 a month?
    • plastic storage container
    • document storage

IT needs:

  • sever hosting -
  • multi site licenses - lets just stick to operations? windows 50 a seat
  • servers, ups, desktops? - dell 2000 a year inside space
  • voip phones - 20-30 a month
  • internet-200 for cox, or 4-600 a month for copper
  • wire crimpers ends - fry 100

250-850 recurring costs (internet telephone). Maybe 1-2k setup costs when we get a space?

Marketing needs:

  • viral -
  • something hardware (throwies?)
  • some plastic for making things to hand out -
  • someone to hand out our flyers?
  • stickers!

Treasurer needs:

  • quickbooks? hopefully open source <100 -- inside it maybe
  • checks 20?
  • credit?
  • merchants/paypal checkout
  • document storage
  • cash box
  • tax preparation maybe 300?

General needs:

  • Legal Fees 300 an hour
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