21 Jan 2010

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Board Meeting Agenda 01/21/2010 Present: Will, Jacob, Jeremy, David, Andrea, Rick Ohhhh!, Shannon Missing: Zach* (*communicated – family obligation)

  • 1. Space at Gangplank?
    • 1.1. Do we have key? (No key yet. Jacob to ensure we have a key before Thursday)
    • 1.2. Briefly discuss email from Derek – everyone is good with it. ☺
    • 1.3. Offer to take over Arduino Night from Gangplank
  • 2. Arduino Night
    • 2.1. How it went? 5 HSL members and 5-7 other interested persons
    • 2.2. Interest in future? We will take over the night – keeping it separate from HSL meetings (contact Arduino guys)
  • 3. Business Cards
    • 3.1. Business cards - design/decision (Decision made on design by Friday morning by David. Respond by Sunday. Rick to get quotes)
  • 4. 501c3 Filling
    • 4.1. Finances update – need date for Y3 Financials. (everyone to review Y1. By next meeting)
    • 4.2. Filing deadline
  • 5. Next Meeting
    • 5.1.TO BE THERE NO LATER THAN 6:45
    • 5.2. Rep Rap build - how to sort parts?Put out to public to prepare for night.
    • 5.3. pizza? snacks? (Andrea to take care of)
    • 5.4. other presentations/activities – lock picking guy (Jeremy to contact) Rick’s project, other projects
    • 5.5. Marketing: twitter, facebook, blog, email.
  • 6. Harold’s Email (from previous meeting)
    • 6.1. any new info on? (No update curretly. Future task)
  • 7. Fundraising
    • 7.1. Kickstarter
    • 7.2. LAN party (update to come soon from Jeremy)
    • 7.3. other new ideas?
  • 8.Outreach -- Community Events (tabled because of holidays)
  • 9. Contact Andre
    • 9.1. need for organization – especially now that we have a “space”
  • 10. Membership
    • 10.1. Possible for charging $25 for key to storage unit
    • 10.2. Discussing starting in February for the membership
    • 10.3. More discussion later
    • 10.4. Purchase chest and filling with stuff
    • 10.5. Board starts paying on 1/14/10
    • 10.6. Research what that will look like (Andrea)
  • 11. Shannon
    • 11.1. What exactly is she willing to work on while in town?
    • 11.2. Bank Account information

David --- bios and pics for board page

IEEE table – just buy seats at the GOLD table and wear googles; registation form. Need to figure out when the registration form is available and by when we need to buy seats (David)

Financials for IRS – email out about meeting available time by Friday night

Mtg Next Thursday – reserve conference room @ gangplank

Will – laptops ready for Arduino night

Arduinos – (Jacob) (David H.) (Rick) (Jeremy?)

Reschedule board meeting – need to decide when to host

Two meetings in a row – Jeremy to contact Austin to push back lock picking presentation

David to contact Skyler for presentation on home security system

TOOLSHARE – WILL next Thursday for basic usage (check up half way through week)

Make Magazine – Authorized Seller; $36 (get ½ of them back)

Basic Membership Model – brainstorming on “what we offer”/donations

February fundraiser?

LAN Party Update – CCWH still has security concerns, Jeremy to review things.

Police auction – Shannon to research where and when and how to visit

Website Revamp – kinda started to be done but no date set

Printed plastic parts for rep rap – doing it at UAT.

Keep Counts and Sign Ups for meetings – Andrea

IRC/Twitter/UStream up at each meeting – Jeremy/Jacob

Stats from website, wiki – IT (Zach and Will)

Creating an Arduino workshop

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