2012 September 27 Hack Your Hackerspace

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Voting members present: 14

Proposal: Purchase CNC Mill Proposer: Ben Humphreys

I propose that HeatSync Labs: Purchase the CNC Mill from Joseph Julicher for the price of $1500, with the money donated specifically for that purpose, with the difference being made up with money from the general budget. Establish a fund dedicated to CNC related expenses. CNC-specific donatings will go into this fund, along with a portion of the certification class fees, and the contents of a tip jar to be setup next to the machine. I don't know how much money is earmarked for CNC right now. But there have been $610 of pledges in the earlier syncstarter thread, so assuming everyone put in that much and no more, that leaves $890 to come from the general funds.

ACTION: 0/8 Motion fails

NOTES: CNC mill purchase $1500 total $890 from general funds Nate wants to get more information. How much has been donated? Do we have enough in the budget?

Proposal: Board members voted onto board, not voted into positions Proposer: Chad Stearns

Board elections are a simple vote between "On the board" or "Not on the board" for any given candidate running to be on the board.

Once the board is determined, the board members self-organize into their duties.

This is in contrast with how things are currently done, where candidates are voted into positions, like treasurer or champion etc. Instead, my proposal suggests candidates run to be on the board, and a candidate having a particular responsibility is something the board themselves agree on.

ACTION: 4/7 Motion fails

Proposal: Table any changes to the Bylaws or Board seats Proposer: Jerry Davis I believe that we should not change anything until AFTER we vote on officers in October.

ACTION: 3/6 Motion fails

Proposal: Keycard Zach Priddy

ACTION: 8/1 Motion passes

Proposal: Keycard Jennifer Plamondon

ACTION: 14/0 Motion passes

Proposal: Tshirt Re-supply Proposer: Will

Propose to spend ~$95 to restock the following sizes: Black Extra Large with tax = ($8.72 ea) Black 2XL with tax = ($10.90 ea) Black 3XL with tax = ($11.99 ea) Black 4XL Tall with tax = ($17.99 ea)

Shirts are sold at $20ea regardless of size; do the math, that's our profit per shirt.

6xl 1 womens xl 1 2xl 1 3xl 1 4xl

ACTION:T-shirt resupply 14/0 Motion carries Notes: Concerns about price per shirt Others not concerned about profit margin

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