2012.10.12 HYH Minutes

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26 total voting members


Ingrid card access: 20 for/1 against Action: Passed

CNC mill proposal: 24 for/1 against Action: Passed

HeatSync Labs purchase Joseph Julicher’s CNC mill and all related accessories for the price of $1500, and a fund for CNC related donations be established to cover costs of tooling, maintenance, upgrades, etc. HSL puts in maximum $1020

Discussion: -Requires about 4ft by 5ft4in -Discussed that there was no room for it. -Can go into wood working area. -Could go where the kitchen is if the kitchen is relocated to a cleaner space. -Jasper: The machine shouldn’t be in an area with manual machines. You will be spending a lot of time there. It has to be monitored throughout the duration of the cut. Not set and forget. Creates a space conflict. Would like to see where the current kitchen is. -Wants to make sure that we have thought where the mill would go before the purchase of the tool.

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