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Established in 2009, HeatSync Labs is Arizona's first 501(c)3 hackerspace. We are a community workshop that makes workspace, tools, and other resources available to artists, engineers, students and hobbyists to build tomorrow’s innovations. We believe in creating a community of collaboration and learning-by-doing.

HeatSync Labs holds meetings every first and third Thursday of the month. All HeatSync Labs meetings are open to the public for free; Cover charges are for Scottsdale night clubs! If you really want to give us money though, t-shirts, membership and sponsorship subscriptions will be available and hustled aggressively by our volunteers.

Workshops are organized by their instructors when they have the resources to host them. HeatSync Labs has previously hosted workshops on basic soldering for kids, Arduino microcontroller programming, wearable computing, mill and lathe usage, and knitting. One of our goals as a an educational nonprofit is to bring back the knowledge of how to build things to solve problems, and our workshops directly address this goal. Stay tuned to www.heatsynclabs.org to catch the latest news on HeatSync Labs workshops and events!

Open to the public every weekday from 7pm to 10pm
140 W Main St.
Mesa, AZ 85201
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