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We have several needs. You probably know someone who can help. If you do, contact board@heatsynclabs.org to make the introduction.

  • Fire sprinklers
    • We have a grant that will refund $20,000 once installation is complete.
    • Inside:
      • HAVE one quote for the inside construction: $23,300
      • NEED two more quotes before Mesa will consider helping us.
    • Outside feed:
      • NEED design/survey from a civil engineer
      • NEED plumber willing/able to cut concrete and install fire riser from the water main in the alley
  • Electrical
  • Construction/land use
    • HAVE completed architectural drawings.
    • HAVE a contractor that is willing to work with us and let us do a lot of the work under his license.
    • NEED Electrical Engineer calculations. Milton found someone who might help, and is trying to get him to respond again.
    • NEED Structural Engineer to rate upstairs floor.
  • City permit
    • NEED electrical
    • NEED occupancy
    • NEED construction
    • NEED change of use
    • Is a temporary permit an option?
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