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The soda fridge, as of ~December, has been on an honors system. If you want to replenish it, its expected that you do it yourself and reimburse yourself from the jar above the fridge.

Historically we have ordered soda from Kalil, and heatsync has an account with Kalil. What is written below is how to order from Kalil, but its not the only way to restock the fridge. You can do so personally as well.


  • We MUST order at least 10 cases of soda at a time.
  • If we want to get a decent price on cans of soda (we do), you need to order TWO 12-packs of each.

  • Account Rep: Matt - 480 329 8398
  • Phoenix office main number: 480 642 7777
  • Our acct number is 38768
  • Address is HeatSync Labs 140 W Main St Mesa AZ 85201

Within a few days someone will arrive with the soda. If they claim they need payment, remind them that we have an account on file and they need to call someone at the home office. When the driver leaves, restock the front machine and put any remainder soda in the back 'kitchen' area.

Frequently requested drinks:

  • Monster Java
  • AW Cream soda
    • Please no diet
  • Orange Tea
  • AZ green Tea
  • Arnold Palmer
  • Snapple variety
  • Arizona Mandarin Orange Green Tea
  • Monster
    • Please never ever order Monster Rehab Protean again (the blue shit) -- lemonade or rojo are ok.
  • Fuse
  • Fuze Mixed
  • Holistics
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