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The operations team is a committee recruited by the board in order to manage the day-to-day operations of HeatSync Labs.

Station Heads

  • Facilities: Austin Kipp
  • Welding: Austin Kipp
  • Laser: Ryan McDermott
  • CNC Plasma Table: David Farmer
  • Vinyl Cutter: Morgan Williams
  • Metal Shop: Austin Kipp, Larry Campbell
  • Wood Shop: Larry Campbell
  • Nuts & Bolts: Greg Oswalt
  • 3D Printing: Trish Blickfeldt, Jasper Nance
  • Electronics: Eric Ose
  • Microcontrollers: David Flores
  • Audio/Video: Jeremy Leung
  • Sewing: Alyson Zepada
  • BioHack: Shaundra Newstead, Greg Oswalt


  • Server/website/email/wiki/docs design/implementation/support/management
  • Web development and design (with marketing help)
  • eCommerce (with treasurer account)
  • Online account management (passwords, integration)
  • Computer/hardware design/implementation/management/support
  • Network support
  • Webcams, twitter bots, etc
  • Physical security (with resource manager)
  • Public notification of outages/downtime
  • Technological recommendations/reviews/ordering (with resource manager and treasurer)
  • Technical training
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