22 Dec 2016

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HeatSync Labs Non-Profit Organization Board of Administration Board Meeting Thursday December 22, 2016 7:00p.m.

Location: HeatSync Labs 140 W Main St Mesa, AZ 85201

Board members present Ryan McDermott - Champion Nate Plamondon - Operations Manager Eric Ose - Secretary

Board members absent; Josh Parry (Boots) - Treasurer Larry Campbell - Champion

There is 1 agenda item which is to approve the new board members. Ryan proposes we establish new board in accordance with the community elections. The new board members as follows; Trish Blickfeldt - Champion Larry Campbell - Champion David Flores - Treasurer Eric Ose - Secretary Nate Plamondon - Operations Manager

Nate seconds the proposal. Passed; 3Y 0N 2A

Ryan proposes we adjourn the meeting. Nate seconds proposal. Vote passed; 3Y 0N 2A Meeting is adjourned.

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